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Toaks Outdoor is a brand that stands at the forefront of high-performance outdoor equipment, specializing in titanium gear. Their products, ranging from pots and cutlery to tent stakes and compact stoves, are designed with the utmost attention to detail and functionality. The Toaks Titanium range is known for its exceptional quality, featuring cookware with silk-like finishes and cutlery with mirror-like polishes. Their smart design ensures that items like titanium pots, stoves, and cups are highly stackable, making them ideal for efficient packing. Toaks Outdoor is not just about creating products; they are committed to sustainability, with a focus on reducing emissions and fuel waste. Their innovative surface treatment processes eliminate the use of harmful chemicals, ensuring that their production is environmentally friendly from start to finish.

Introducing the TOAKS Titanium Pot, a must-have for outdoor cooking enthusiasts who value both quality and convenience. This pot, made from high-grade Titanium (Grade 1 or 2, with no coating), is not only lightweight but also exceptionally durable, making it perfect for camping, hiking, and backpack..
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Toaks Titanium 1300ml Pot with Bail Handle Toaks Titanium 1300ml Pot with Bail Handle
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Upgrade your outdoor cooking setup with our versatile Titanium Pot, boasting a 1300ml capacity. This pot is designed for adventurers who seek efficiency and convenience in their outdoor gear. Made from high-quality titanium, it's not only lightweight but also incredibly durable, making it perfect fo..
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Toaks Titanium 1600ml Pot with Bail Handle Toaks Titanium 1600ml Pot with Bail Handle
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Embark on your hiking adventures with the TOAKS Titanium 1600ml Pot with Bail Handle, an essential gear for two adult hikers. This pot is crafted from high-quality titanium, renowned for its corrosion resistance and long-lasting durability. Its lightweight design makes it a favorite among outdoor en..
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TOAKS Titanium 2000ml Pot with Bail Handle TOAKS Titanium 2000ml Pot with Bail Handle
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TOAKS Titanium 2000ml Pot with Bail Handle is designed for outdoor enthusiasts who require both capacity and functionality in their cookware. With a 2000ml capacity, this pot is perfect for preparing larger meals, making it an ideal choice for group camping, hiking, or any outdoor adventure. Crafted..
$239.90 $264.99
STV-12 Stove Specifications:Material:TitaniumWeight:151g(STV-12)Dimensions:Profile packed:94mm (Dia) x 94mm (H)Profile assembled:94mm (Dia) x183mm(H) Burning chamber: 74mm (Dia) x92mm (H)  750 ml Pot Specifications:Material:TitaniumWeight:Pot only: 93g    Pot with lid: ..
$189.00 $199.00
The TOAKS Titanium Wood Stove is Designed with precision and efficiency in mind, this award-winning stove boasts a unique multi-combustion mechanism that ensures optimal fuel utilization and cleaner burning. Crafted from pure titanium, it's not only durable but also lightweight, weighing just 7.9 oz..
$179.00 $209.99
Key Features:Compact Design: After the success of our award-winning STV-11 wood stove at the 2015 Outdoor Friedrichshafen in Germany, Toaks introduced the STV-12. It's designed for hikers who appreciate the capabilities of the STV-11 but require a more compact size. The STV-12 is 20% smaller but del..
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The TOAKS Titanium Cup is a lightweight essential for every outdoor enthusiast. Crafted from durable titanium, this cup is not only feather-light at 49g but also boasts a capacity of 375ml, making it perfect for your morning brew or evening soup. Its sleek round design ensures it fits snugly inside ..
$48.90 $59.90
The TOAKS Titanium Cup is designed for practical outdoor use. Made of durable titanium, it weighs only 62g, making it easy to carry on any trip. With a 450ml capacity, it's suitable for both drinks and meals. The cup features gradation marks in oz and ml for accurate measurements. The cup comes with..
$59.90 $69.90
TOAKS Titanium Pot is a fusion of lightweight design and functionality. Crafted for the modern backpacker and outdoor enthusiast, this pot boasts a 550ml capacity, ensuring you have ample space for your culinary delights. Weighing just 54g for the pot and 71g with its accompanying lid. The pot's dim..
$89.90 $104.99
TOAKS Titanium Pot - 750ml TOAKS Titanium Pot - 750ml
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The TOAKS Titanium Pot is designed for durability and convenience. Made from high-quality Titanium (Grade 1 or 2) without any coating, this pot is both sturdy and lightweight. Weighing just 90g for the pot and 100g with the lid, it's perfect for those who prioritize weight in their outdoor gear. The..
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TOAKS Titanium Pot With Bail Handle - 750ml TOAKS Titanium Pot With Bail Handle - 750ml
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Discover the TOAKS Titanium Pot, a perfect blend of lightweight construction and practical design tailored for the discerning outdoor enthusiast. With a generous 750ml capacity (760ml when filled to the brim), this pot ensures you have ample room for your favorite outdoor meals. Weighing a mere 93g ..
$99.90 $115.00
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