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Gravity Water-Filtration System

Gravity Water-Filtration System
Gravity Water-Filtration System
Gravity Water-Filtration System
Gravity Water-Filtration System
Gravity Water-Filtration System
Gravity Water-Filtration System
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Gravity Water-Filtration System
Gravity Water-Filtration System
Gravity Water-Filtration System
Gravity Water-Filtration System
Gravity Water-Filtration System
Gravity Water-Filtration System
Gravity Water-Filtration System
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  • Model: L605G
  • Weight: 90.00g

Discover the Miniwell L605G, a portable water filter designed to instantly transform natural freshwater sources into potable water. Tailored for group outings, family adventures, and emergency situations, this system ensures you're never without clean water.

Effortless Filtration: Harness the power of gravity for filtration. Set up the system inline, fill the reservoir, hang it up, and let gravity do the work. This hands-free approach lets you focus on other activities, be it setting up camp or enjoying nature.

Triple-Stage Filtration:

  1. PP Screen: Removes visible particles and colloids. For clearer water sources, this screen can be removed to increase flow rate. Comes with 5 additional screens for replacement.
  2. 0.1 micron UF Membrane: Ensures a rapid flow rate while effectively filtering out harmful contaminants.
  3. Carbon Fiber Filter: Reduces heavy metals like Lead, Mercury, and Cadmium. It also removes up to 90% of chlorine, ensuring water tastes fresh.

Cost-Effective & Sustainable: Rather than replacing the entire filter, you can change individual cartridges based on water quality, making it economical in the long run.

User-Friendly Design: The reservoir's Slidelock design ensures easy filling, and its wide-mouth opening is complemented by a convenient carry handle. With the included antislip rope, hanging the reservoir is a breeze, eliminating the need for the perfect branch.

Certified & Trusted:

The system has undergone rigorous testing and has received SGS certification.

Versatile Usage:

  1. Bottle Attachment: Compatible with 28mm threaded disposable bottles.
  2. Direct Straw Usage: Drink straight from a water source or use a container for filtration.
  3. Gravity Filtration System: Set it up in line and let gravity handle the filtration.

Easy Maintenance: If the flow rate decreases, simply invert and squeeze a clean water bottle to backflush the filter. The dual-threaded design accepts standard bottles, making maintenance straightforward.

FAQ for Miniwell L605G Gravity Water Filtration System

1. How often should I backwash the system? The frequency of backwashing depends on the clarity of your water source. If you notice a decrease in the flow rate, it's a sign that backwashing might be necessary. For optimal filter longevity, always opt for the clearest freshwater source available. If the water is murky, let the sediment settle and then filter the clearer water above it. If, after backflushing, the flow rate remains slow and you urgently need clean water, consider removing the PP screen and carbon filter. Using only the UF filter in the L605 can increase the flow rate. While this won't improve the taste due to the absence of the carbon filter, the UF filter will still ensure the water's safety.

2. Can I use the system's filtered water to backwash the filter? Absolutely! You can use the filtered water from the system for backwashing. Simply collect the filtered water in a clean disposable bottle and squeeze it into the filter from the water outlet.

3. How can I determine when to replace the filter? There are a few indicators:

  • If the flow rate remains slow even after backflushing, consider replacing or removing the PP screen.
  • If the water has an unpleasant odor that the carbon filter can't eliminate, it's time to replace the carbon filter.
  • If, after multiple backflushes, the flow rate is still very slow, it's time to replace the UF filter.

4. Is the system effective for filtering saltwater? No, the Miniwell L605 is not designed to filter saltwater. The filtration pore size on its membrane is 0.1 microns, which allows dissolved salts to pass through. This means that while the Miniwell L605 retains minerals from natural freshwater sources in filtered water, it cannot be used for desalinating saltwater.

Capacity3000 ml
Temperature Rating0℃-100℃ (32°F-212°F)
TypeGravity Water Filter
Weight90 Grams
PP ScreenDisposable (Optional. Use it when the water is cloudy)
Carbon Filter Filtration Capacity200-500L(Based on water quality)
Filtration Pore Size0.1micron
Water Flow200-600ml/min (Multiple Usages with Different Flow Rate)

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