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Keith Titanium

Keith Titanium is renowned for its high-quality titanium outdoor and camp gear. Dedicated to innovation and precision, the brand offers a range of products that are not only lightweight and durable but also biocompatible, making them perfect for both outdoor enthusiasts and everyday users. With its commitment to sustainability and excellence, Keith Titanium ensures that every piece is corrosion-resistant, lasts a lifetime, and offers an unparalleled combination of strength and minimal weight. Whether you're a backpacker, a camper, or just someone who values quality, Keith Titanium is the go-to choice for premium titanium gear.

Key Features:Premium Titanium Material: Offers durability and lightweight convenience.550ml Capacity: Ideal for serving a variety of meals and snacks.Sanded Surface: Provides a sleek and modern appearance.Compact Design: Measures 5.5 × 2.5 inches (Ø139 × 64 mm), easy to pack and carry.Versatile Use:..
$89.00 $99.00
Key Features:Pure Titanium Material: Offers a lightweight yet durable solution for your meals.Multiple Capacities: Choose from 800ml, 1L, or 1.2L to suit your portion needs.Compact Design: Easy to carry and store, perfect for travel and daily use.Health-Friendly: Titanium is known for being non-toxi..
The 300ml Keith Titanium Mug is a standout choice for anyone who values both durability and minimalism in their outdoor gear. Constructed from high-quality titanium, this mug is not just robust but also incredibly light. Its sanded surface provides a sleek, modern appearance, and the mug's size is p..
Enhance your outdoor experience with the Keith Titanium Mug, featuring folding handles and a lid, and boasting a 350ml capacity. This mug is a fusion of practicality and durability, tailored for adventurers who appreciate quality gear. Made from premium titanium, it's not just robust but also incred..
Step up your outdoor gear with the Keith Titanium Mug, a 400ml capacity mug designed for the rugged outdoors. This mug, crafted from high-grade titanium, is both lightweight and durable, making it an ideal companion for camping, hiking, or any outdoor adventure. The sandblasted surface not only adds..
The Keith 450ml Titanium Mug is tailor-made for the demands of outdoor life. This mug is crafted from the finest titanium, known for its strength and lightweight properties, making it an indispensable item for your camping, hiking, or backpacking gear. The sandblasted surface not only adds to its ru..
Upgrade your outdoor gear with the Keith Titanium Mug, boasting a 500ml capacity, ideal for those who need a bit more from their drinkware while exploring the great outdoors. This mug is expertly crafted from high-quality titanium, ensuring both durability and a lightweight feel. The sanded surface ..
Made from high-quality titanium and featuring a sandblasted surface, this mug combines durability with a modern aesthetic. The folding handles and lid add to its practicality, making it compact and easy to pack for any adventure, whether you're hiking, camping, or on a road trip.Specifications:Model..
Whether you're on a long hiking trail, camping for the weekend, or embarking on an extended backpacking trip, this mug is up to the task. Constructed from high-grade titanium and featuring a sanded surface, it offers durability without the weight. The folding handles and lid make it not only space-e..
The 220ml Keith Titanium Mug is a practical choice for those who value durability and simplicity in their outdoor gear. Made from pure titanium, this single-wall mug is stronger than steel yet surprisingly lightweight. It features a sandblasted surface for a sleek look and a folding handle for compa..
This 2.5L Titanium Pot is designed for those who love to cook and enjoy meals outdoors, whether you're camping, hiking, or on a backpacking trip. Made from high-quality titanium and silicone, it's not only lightweight but also incredibly durable. The sandblasted surface adds a sophisticated touch to..
$229.00 $249.00
The Keith Titanium Stock Pot Ti6015 is a perfect blend of functionality and durability for your outdoor culinary adventures. With a generous 1.8L capacity, this stock pot is ideal for preparing a variety of meals, whether you're camping, hiking, or enjoying a picnic. Crafted from pure titanium, it's..
$174.90 $199.00
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