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Nemo Equipment

Nemo Equipment is a renowned outdoor brand specializing in innovative and high-quality camping gear. Founded with a commitment to pushing the boundaries of design and technology, Nemo has consistently delivered products that enhance outdoor experiences. From award-winning tents and sleeping bags to backpacking furniture and accessories, Nemo Equipment combines functionality with comfort, ensuring adventurers can fully immerse themselves in nature without compromising on the essentials. Their dedication to sustainability and ethical practices further cements their reputation as a leader in the outdoor industry.

The Nemo Kayu is the ultimate down mummy bag designed specifically for ultralight adventures. Crafted with precision, the Kayu boasts a body-mapped design, ensuring you get the warmth where you need it most. Filled with a premium 800FP down, it promises unparalleled warmth without any unnecessary we..
$490.00 $589.00
The Nemo Kayu is the ultimate companion for ultralight adventurers. Designed with a trim mummy shape, it offers space-saving and enhanced thermal performance. The sleeping bag is filled with premium 800FP RDS-certified down, ensuring warmth without the weight.Key Features:Sculpted Fit: A closely art..
$499.00 $599.00
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