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3F UL Gear

We are hikers, for over 10 years, we learned how to make gears better from trails on mountains, canyons, glaciers. We know more things from the hikers’ experience and feed backs, because we believe that the truth stem from doing. We have been improving gear quality, durability and performance while make it affordable, we wish all hikers around the world could enjoy the ultralight hiking.

Discover the Ultimate Outdoor Companion with the Qidian Pro BackpackCrafted from a blend of UHMWPE and nylon, the Qidian Pro Backpack is built to withstand the rigors of the great outdoors. Its tear resistance of 45-50N ensures that it can handle whatever you throw its way, while its water-resistant..
Built with durability in mind, the QiDian Ultra Light Backpack - 55L is made from high-quality materials built to last. The buckles are made from Duraflex and YKK, ensuring they can withstand harsh conditions, while the body is made from nylon, which is both strong and water-resistant.One of the sta..
With its easy-to-assemble structure, the Qingkong 3 Tent requires only two ground stakes to make it free-standing. Its 2-layer wall with taped seams provides stability and durability in all weather conditions. It is also equipped with 10 stakes and 6 guy-line points, offering additional stability ag..
$549.00 $599.00
The Taiji 2 Tent is a high-performance tent designed to withstand the toughest terrain, weather conditions, and expeditions in all seasons. The tent features a 3-cross pole dome structure that offers excellent snow-load handling and windproof capabilities.This tent is designed for easy and quick set..
$484.50 $549.90
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